Automation, Scenes & Video

It’s your home, you set the rules.

With so many ways to stay connected, you deserve reliability and control. Set the rules for real-time notifications. Know instantly when doors and windows are opened or when motion is detected and receive live video straight to your phone.

Technology at your pace

With event based “Scenes” and “Recipes”, your smart devices can support your way of life. Adjust the entire atmosphere in your home based on your day to day routines. Lights, cameras, garage doors and thermostats can adjust to greet you in the morning or when you arrive back home in the evenings.


The Connect+ wireless security system has a complete ecosystem of wireless sensors, peripherals, and accessories. All of the Connect+ compatible sensors are high quality encrypted and wireless with industry-leading range, design and battery life. Connect+ allows you to protect the outside as well as the inside with our outdoor motion detection devices. Add video with our Alula cloud video solution to easily watch live and recorded events from your mobile phone or PC. You can also receive notifications when motion is detected.

  • Modern Design: Blends into any environment with numerous wireless sensors and peripherals designed with convenience in mind
  • Easy to Install: Simply place on any flat surface, connect to a router, and enroll the wireless sensors
  • No Power, No Internet, No Problem: Comes standard with battery backup. Optional snap-in Cellular module for backup alarm communications
  • Security you can count on: UL compliant, blazing fast communications and control, and encrypted Connect+ wireless sensors
  • Customizable : Simple snap-in modules for Cellular backup, control of smart devices, take over of existing sensors
  • Smart: Easily control smart devices and setup scenes and automation

Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter

RE122, RE222, RE222T, RE322

  • Transmits power at the full FCC limits, maximizing range
  • Support for an external contact
  • 1-inch magnet gap
  • cover tamper
  • 6+ year battery life

Video Doorbell

RE110P, RE210P, RE210T, RE310P
Capture new RMR with the Alula Video Doorbell. This 2K HD camera replaces any wired doorbell switch, delivering vivid night and day video to asmartphone or tablet. Captures every person or package at the threshold in crisp detail with a 180° vertical FOV. An infrared sensor triggers video capture directly to the Alula cloud for immediate clip recall and backs up to the included micro-SD card. Clear, 2-way communications are delivered through the Alula App. Features

  • 2K HD video
  • 180° Vertical view
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • PIR detection
  • Built-in 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi
  • 16V~24VAC power supply
  • Includes angle adjustment brackets and black faceplate
  • Infrared Night Vision

Outdoor Bullet Camera

You can watch over your home remotely with the Alula Outdoor Bullet Camera. This Wi-Fi security camera extends your security perimeter in high-fidelity. The two-way audio delivers real-time conversation with someone at the door, backyard or garage.

  • Rugged, compact IP66 weatherproof housing

  • Dual antennas for extended 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi range

  • 1080p HD video

  • Two-way audio

  • Infrared night vision

  • 2-Year warranty

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